Republic of Sierra Leone

The Ministry




1, Creates an integrated and safe transportation network that incorporates all modes of transportation that reflect regional priorities, and provides a strong foundation for economic growth.

2. Maintain and improve the provincial highway system by ensuring safe, affordable and efficient movement of people and goods provincially, nationally and internationally.


The Ministry of Transport and Aviation’s mission is to develop policies and provide policy guidelines for delivery of safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable Maritime, Land transportation and aviation systems throughout Sierra Leone.


The transport Ministry seeks to promote the well being of quality transport and effective road networks. The transport Ministry also ensures that people have access to well functioning safe and reasonable priced transportation system.


The Ministry values its stakeholders in the transport business (private and public). The Ministry is open and promote equality and listens to the opinions of everyone involved in the transport sector. The Ministry follows the rules that have been commonly agreed upon.


The Ministry is the pioneer of the transportation sector and dare to distance its self from the old. The Ministry does not invade responsibility and always plan for the future.



The Ministry works on issues that are common to everybody and takes initiative in exchanging information openly and in good time. The Ministry holds stakeholders in the transport business activities in high esteem and listens to all transport stakeholders and provides them the opportunity to impact society.


  • Ensure safe and smooth everyday travel and maintain competitiveness in the  transport sectors
  •  To achieve a transport system that supports and assists long-term economic growth and improves the economic and social well-being.
  • Ensure the development of the transport system in light of the realities of the global economy and the national fiscal situations.
  • Deliver the public transport investment programmes in line with the policy set down.
  • Enhance the achievement in providing a policy framework, regulation and implementation models.
  • Enhancing transport safety in coordination with key stakeholders.
  • Development and implementation of programmes for the development of maritime and inland waterway transport.
  • Enhance the provision of inland ferry services on the Provinces Rivers and lakes.


The transport sector consists of three modes, namely, road, maritime and air transportation. All of these modes are being regulated by statutory bodies whilst the Ministry handles policy matters for the effective execution of the mandate of the under-mentioned parastatals and departments supervised by the Ministry.

  1. Sierra Leone Ports Authority
  2. Sierra Leone Maritime Administration
  3. Sierra Leone Airports Authority
  4. Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority
  5. Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority
  6. Sierra Leone Road Transport Corporation
  7. Sierra Leone National Shipping Company
  8. Meteorological Department
  9. Airport Transfer Unit (ATU)
  10. Freetown International Airport Project-Mamamah ( FIAP)
  11. Transport Infrastructure Development Unit (TIDU)

The overall goal of the Ministry is to increase access through the provision of transport services and connecting rural farming population and urban poor to market centers and to provide social and economic services through, efficient, affordable and sustainable transport systems through the effective coordination of the above mentioned implementing agencies resonated by policy directives and effective monitoring of the activities of these agencies.

Oversight Achievements

•       Maintained International connectivity with SN Brussels and Royal Air Maroc all throughout the Ebola epidemic

•       Completion of the departure lounge at Lungi International Airport

•       MTA/NCP engaged in successful negotiations with Bollore for expansion of the Ports facilities and GoSL now has a 20% stake

•       SLRTA transformed to SLRSA and launched Road Safety Policy

•       SLMA launched searched and rescue boats

•       ATU Aberdeen Helipad operational and used by MSF and DFID to support their Ebola operations

•       Direct flight connectivity from UK to Sierra Leone through Fly Salone

•       Completion of the construction of jetties at Gbodapi, Mattru Jong and Gbanbatoke



•       Low annual budgetary allocation to the Ministry compared to that budgeted as well as delay receipt of the allocated budget:

•       Adversely affects the effective implementation of the activities of the Office of the Permanent Secretary and the other Programmes and Divisions.

•       Efficient capacity building of existing staff within the Ministry and its Programmes.


Completion and validation of a 3 key studies in partnership with the World Bank

       (a)Development of a mobility plan for Freetown,

       (b)Sierra Leone Integrated Transport Policy, Strategy and Investment Plan,

      (c)Sierra Leone Resource Port Sitting Study)


•       Validation of the Transport Sector Strategy;

•       Creation of vehicle policy database for GoSL;

•       Monitoring and Evaluation tool for all projects in the Ministry and oversight of its agencies;

•       Completion of the construction of houses and other facilities to permit relocation of the 1st set of community at Mamamah for the construction of the FIAP;

•       To commence detailed feasibility studies for the Deep Sea Port and National/Light Rail;

•       Improve human resource capacity through training and recruitment of specialist staff;

•       Work with all International Regulatory bodies within the Transport Sector to design and implement policies for continued enhanced service delivery;


The Ministry is open between the hours of 7:00am to 5:00 pm from Monday’s to Friday’s all throughout the year. Issues that borders on Aviation, Marine, Port Management, Licenses, Transportation, Weather forecast, Clearing and forwarding are referred to the respective agencies under our supervision for appropriate and prompt actions.