Republic of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Maritime Administration

Service Charter


Established by an act of Parliament in 2000 and by the Merchant Shipping Act of 2003 as an autonomous body responsible for the registration of ships and other vessels, and also to regulate and develop improved standards of performance and practice in the shipping industry in Sierra Leone, including the coastal and inland water transport system and the marine environment.


To be  more efficient, Maritime Administration in the delivery of services.


To regulate and develop improved standards of performance, practice and safety in the shipping industry in Sierra Leone, including the inland waterways transportation and protection of the marine environment.

Our Core Values

Integrity, Professionalism, Transparency and Accountability

Service Delivery

  • Our ultimate purpose in the Administration is to serve our Clients.
  • Serving Clients in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Service is well delivered only when the Clients are satisfied.

SLMA's Services

SLMA is Sierra Leone's national regulatory body supervised by the Ministry of Transport and Aviation with a primary role in maritime safety & security, protection of the marine environment and maritime search and rescue and is largely self-funded through levies on the commercial shipping industry.




This is the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration’s Annual Progress Report for the period of 1st January 2015 to 31st December 2015. This report compares the actual status of current activities to that of planned activities in the Performance Tracking Table for the contract year. Such comparison is a progress indicator showing the steps made towards the specific deliverable outputs the Administration aimed at achieving in 2015. Also included in this report are notes highlighting the strategies the Administration employed to achieve its goals as outlined in the Managerial Indicator Matrix. In addition, this report also includes the Project Tracker which gives a description of all the Administration’s projects, status of project and actions required for meeting the expected deadlines.

This report comprises of the following:

  • Performance Tracking Table (PTT)
  • The Managerial Indicator Matrix (MIM)
  • The Project Tracker (PT)
  • Supporting Evidences



“The Sierra Leone Maritime Administration (SLMA) was established by an act of parliament as an autonomous body for the registration of ships and other vessels, the licensing and safety of maritime personnel and for the regulation and development generally of maritime, coastal and inland transport and for other matters connected therewith.”

REPORT ON THE PERFORMANCE TRACKING TABLE (Please see Performance Tracking Table for ease of reference) – Appendix 1


  1. Regulations for ferry and local boat operators reviewed

At the end of 2014, the Administration the through the setting up of technical committees and stakeholder meetings completed the technical aspect of this exercise.

As at this reporting period of 2015, the Administration in consultation with stakeholders has developed the code of conduct for ferry operators. This has been validated and submitted to the Ministry of Transport and Aviation for signing by the various stakeholders. However a Clause is to be reviewed so that all Ferry operators can sign the Regulation.

  1. SLMA Act, Merchant Shipping Act and Maritime Zone Establishment Act reviewed

The 2015 baseline for this output was that the Acts were not up to date and needed to be reviewed. For this reporting period, a local drafts man was consulted to work on the draft and recommendations prepared by the Legal Officer. The first draft is available and has been distributed to Management and the Board Chairman for review. It will then be reviewed by the Legal Committee of the Board of Directors after which a meeting of stakeholders will be convened to review it. A draft Statutory Instrument to give effect to Section 11 of the current Act has also been drafted and distributed accordingly.



  1. Six additional relevant International treaties & conventions  ratified

The 2015 baseline for this output was that 32 relevant conventions had already been ratified. As at this reporting period, the proposals for ratification/accession to Conventions have been developed. The process is ongoing and specific report will be given after further consultations with the relevant official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

  1. National Maritime Policy Developed

The 2015 baseline for this output was that is no comprehensive National Maritime Policy. As at this reporting period, the Administration is in the process of reviewing existing policies for other maritime nations. The Administration has also made a request to the International Maritime Organization for technical assistance in developing this policy.

  1. Maritime Security Act and Maritime Environment Act enacted

The 2015 baseline for this output was that we have neither a Maritime Security Act nor a Maritime Environment Act in place. As at this reporting period, the proposals for the justification of these Acts have been developed. However due to the fact that the proposed legislation borders on safety issues,  its review has been deferred to 2016 when hopefully an IMO Consultant through the IMO’s Technical Assistance Programme will assist the Administration in developing it.


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